#177 Foot Care for Runners: A conversation with Rebecca Rushton

Blister prevention and foot care are critical to running success and enjoyment yet too often we fail to prepare and look after our feet. Foot_care_for_runners_a_conversation_with_Rebecca_Rushton

In this not to be missed episode of The Partnerunning Show our extra special guest is Rebecca Rushton BSC(POD) and Author of the super awesome runners must have┬áresource “The Advanced Guide To Blister Prevention”. (get your copy complimentry copy here)

Rebecca provides specialist foot care at multiday ultramarathoners and provides tips and advice to runners regardless of experience or distance.

With the Anzac Ultra 2015 fast approaching Rebecca provides valuable suggestions for foot care and answers questions from our listeners.

Topics covered in our conversation with Rebecca include:

  • Why blister prevention
  • Blister prevention strategies
  • What to include in your blister kit
  • Blister prevention tips
  • Black toenails
  • Preparing for the Anzac Ultra
  • Tips for beginners, to marathoners and ultra runners
  • Engo patches
  • Where to purchase blister prevention materials

Find out more at the Blister Prevention Website or Blister Prevention on Facebook.

Also on the show:

  • Over the shoulder
  • Ask Sue
  • The road ahead

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