About the Show

Your hosts Sue & Andrew O’Brien also know as Couple on the Run together with Australian Co-host Trent Morrow (Marathon Man) talk running, great running destinations, marathons, running events and festivals, run travel, diet, injury prevention, running for charity, health, fitness & all things Partnerunning. With regular guests and popular segments we aim to help soon to be, new and experienced runners as well as their family, friends and the running industry.

Regular segments include:

  • Over the Shoulder: A look at recent events;
  • Ask Sue: Running related listener questions;
  • Marathon Man Minute: Thought of the week;
  • Travelling Fit: Marathon travel locations;
  • Go Further Together: Partnerunning tips;
  • Lessons for Life: Learning from running;
  • The Road Ahead: A look at future events.

In addition to the regular format The Partnerunning Show does the occasional feature show with a special guest or focus on a specific event.

Do you have a question, suggested topic, know someone we could interview or any other ideas? Are you a race director, sponsor looking to promote a charity fund raiser? We would love to hear from you and include you on the show.