The Partnerunning Show is fortunate to feature a constant parade of guests.


Guests include:

Travis Bell: The Bucket List Guy – Meeting The Bucket List Guy, Feb 17, 2012

Dave Conrthwaite: Adventurer – Bali Marathon and Meeting Dave Cornthwaite, Dec 27, 2011

Tara Diversi, Dietician – Tara Diversi and Diet and Running, Sept 20, 2011

Adam Howitt, Walk Jog Run – Meeting Walk Jog Run Founder Adam Howitt, Jan 27 2012

Richard Lindroos – Auckland Marathon Race Director,  May 22 2012

Mohan Marathon – Singapore Marathon and Meeting Mohan, Nov 29, 2011

Jeremy Nagel: Cocoride – Meeting Cocoride and The Chicago Marathon, May 1, 2012

Chelsey Nash – Moorabbin Foot Centre – Chelsey Nash Podiatry Special: Looking after your feet, Jan 21, 2012

Richard Walsh: Hobart Marathon Race Director and Project Manager, Jan 14 2012

Michael Walton from Travelling Fit (Most weeks as the presenter of Talking Travel)