#196 13.2 Workouts For Marathon Success and The KL Marathon Shmozzle

Finding the balance between routine and variation is the key to sustained marathon training success. 13.2_workouts_for_marathon_success_and_the_KL_marathon_Shmozzle

Too much variation can be confusing and undermine improvement and performance.

A lack of variation can have a negative impact on motivation and hamper improvement.

In this episode of The Partnerunning Show we outline 13.2 Workouts for sustainable marathon success.

Also on the show we take a look at the July 13 announcement that the government has changed the date of the 2015 Kuala Lumpur Marathon – almost 2 months after 35,000 people signed up for the race!

Regular segments include:

  • Over the shoulder
  • Ask Sue
  • The road ahead

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