#184 Eleven Reasons To Join A Run Group

Running groups are becoming increasingly popular and are a great way for runners to enjoy and improve their running. Eleven_Reasons_To_Join_A_Run_Group

In this episode we look at eleven popular reasons for joining a running group.

We also look at different types of run groups.

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  • Over the shoulder
  • Ask Sue
  • The road ahead

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Going Faster and The Power of The Runners Checklist

How do I improve my speed is a popular runners question and in this episode Sue talks about going faster during the Ask Sue Segment.  

The Couple on the Run Blog provides a the question of “How can I increase my speed?

Running involves a multitude of tasks and it is easy to overlook vital issues. The focus of this episode is on some of the key running checklists. These include:

  • Goals setting
  • Training
  • Travel planning
  • Pre-race
  • Race strategy
  • Partnerunning

Regular segments include:

  • Over the shoulder
  • Ask Sue
  • Talking Travel – Auckland Marathon
  • Marathon Man Minute
  • The road ahead

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Working with a Run Coach and Athens Marathon

To work with a run coach or not is a tough choice for many runners. In this episode we explore the issues including: 
  1. Coaching benefits
  2. Options
  3. Philosophy, and,
  4. A step by step approach to working with a coach.
Regular segments include:
  • Over the Shoulder
  • Ask Sue
  • Marathon Man Minute
  • The Road Ahead
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